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Our team of knowledgeable sales representatives will listen to your needs and answer your questions, to help identify the right equipment and services for your facility

Atlantic Canada

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Medical gas | Respiratory | Pipeline systems | Service

Kyle Tinker

(902) 430-5525  

Kyle provides hospitals with services, equipment and staff training on medical gases, cryo-surgical devices, respiratory therapy equipment, suction & medical gas pipeline systems.

Working with Service New Brunswick, he maintains bulk accounts throughout the province and coordinates the Total Gas Management program at Atlantic Canada’s largest children's hospital, I.W.K.


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Pipeline systems | Services

Diana Napa

(514) 206-0305

Diana is an experienced sales professional with background in medical research and clinical medicine. She is committed to scientific rigour, strong work ethics and access to medical innovations for all. She goes to work every day to deliver medical solutions that protect and transform patients’ lives.


Medical gas | Respiratory

Sophie Perreault

(514) 219-8713




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Medical Gases & Respiratory Equipment


Greater Toronto Area

Carman Osbourne

(416) 427-2987

Carman is a Respiratory Therapist with 20+ years experience in the hospital and private sector.

Her clinical expertise surpasses her clients' needs beyond the purchase of products as it applies to training and education for medical gases and respiratory-related equipment.  


Orangeville, Hamilton, Niagara, Southwestern, Western Ontario

Marc Angheloni

(905) 301-3650

Marc is an experienced sales professional and educator with over 10 years of focus on medical gases, gas quality systems, inhaled nitric oxide therapy and medical ventilation.

Barrie, Orillia, Peterborough, Kingston, Northeast Ontario

Richard Butler

(905) 601-1476

Ric has over 30 years of diverse sales/ consulting experience in orthopedics, ophthalmology and respiratory specialties.

Ric was awarded Sales Consultant of the year in 2016.


Northwest Ontario

Sandy Petrynko

(204) 430-6819

Sandy comes from a background in respiratory therapy and has extensive experience in medical gases and piping systems, as well as clinical equipment. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 35 years.


Medical Gas Systems & Service


GTA, East Ontario

Allan Edwards

(416) 550-7623

Allan is a Professional Mechanical Engineer with 20+ years experience in project management and industrial sales. At Air Liquide Healthcare, he leads key projects including West Park Hospital and Brockville General Hospital.

Allan is a member of Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES).


North / South Ontario

Larry Karatsoreos

(416) 219-9163

Larry has 20 years experience as a sales professional with 10 years in healthcare.

His focus is on creating win-win relationships with his clients for long-term success.  Larry's attention to detail helps him analyze your business objectives so he can recommend the right solution for your hospital.

He is a member of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES).


North Western

Sandy Petrynko

(204) 430-6819

Sandy comes from a background in respiratory therapy and has extensive experience in medical gases and piping systems, as well as clinical equipment. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 35 years.


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Medical gas | Respiratory | Pipeline systems | Service

Sandy Petrynko

(204) 430-6819

Sandy comes from a background in respiratory therapy and has extensive experience in medical gases and piping systems, as well as clinical equipment. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over 35 years.


Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories

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Medical gas | Respiratory

Lisa DeBoer

(780) 860-5876

Lisa has 30+ years experience as a Sales Professional working in the respiratory and orthopedic specialties.   

Sheldon Ferguson, Sales representative

Medical gas | Respiratory | Pipeline systems | Service

Sheldon Ferguson

(780) 231-0075

Sheldon has been in the medical gas industry since 1991, specializing in medical and lab gas source and piping systems for the past 17 years.

He has sold, serviced and assisted consultants with medical and lab gas systems design for countless projects throughout western Canada.

Reach out to Sheldon and he will be happy to help you with your medical and lab gas system requirements.

British Columbia, Yukon

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Medical gas | Respiratory

Tom O'Leary

(778) 918-2597

Tom comes from a diverse background in medical sales, including anesthesia, audiology, enteral feeding, airways and urology. His work with Vitalaire today includes launching the Monnal T60 transport ventilator, expanding TGM services, and increasing VA’s presence in the cryogenic and laboratory market.


Pipeline systems | Service

Kevin Chicquen

(778) 231-8589

Kevin is a Professional Engineer with expertise in troubleshooting, design and installation of complex medical gas equipment.

He has underseen huge medical gas piping projects, like the Lions Gate Power Plant Replacement Project, which included an oxygen concentrator, vacuum & medical air systems with our quality control system aerALin, valves, outlets, alarms and more.


Sales Management

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Sales Director | Medical Gases - Eastern Canada

Joseph Ayas

(514) 409-4539

Joseph is Eastern Canada's Regional Sales Director for Medical Gases. A computer and industrial engineer, Joseph has held positions in engineering, finance/accounting, and sales at Air Liquide in both Canada and the USA. He is a member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec and the Canadian Hospital Engineering Society.


Sales Director | Medical Gases - Western Canada

Alex Sagatov

(780) 399 6829

During his time with Air Liquide Healthcare, Alex oversaw high-profile medical gas projects such as the Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower, Penticton Regional Hospital Patient Care Tower, and the Lions Gate Hospital Acute Care Facility.

His background in physics and role regularly involves him in launches of new innovations such as the Monnal T60 medical ventilator and our exclusive Kinox gas.