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Breathe easier with Aerobika™


The Aerobika™ therapy system helps you to breathe easier and live better by addressing the need of mucus clearance.

The Aerobika™ device utilises Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP), working with the lungs to loosen and remove mucus. Patient feedback indicates that using the device daily improves the ease in bringing up mucus, decreases cough frequency, reduces breathlessness, increases exercise tolerance and improves quality of life1. Exhaling into the device will assist in loosening and helping remove the mucus from your lungs.

Aerobika™ is the only OPEP device that can be used simultaneously with the AeroEclipse™ Breath Actuated Nebuliser (BAN).

This innovative combined therapy saves time and provides a cost-effective therapy solution for those who require both aerosol and OPEP therapy.

Click here for an overview of AerobikaTM and instructions for use
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