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COVID-19 - Continuity of Operations in Canada

Dear Valued Customers,

In light of recent announcements on the temporary cessation of activities of non essential businesses and organizations in some Canadian provinces (including Ontario and Quebec) and lists of business types that may continue to operate, this is to inform you that Air Liquide Canada, VitalAire Canada and their subsidiaries meet the criteria stipulated to be recognized as essential and critical companies and to continue all their activities in Canada, while following Public Health guidelines for the benefit of its patients and customers and pursuing our business continuity plans.

Our essential activities include (but are not limited to) the continued production and delivery of medical gases, industrial gases critical for process safety, the distribution of medical devices and patient care, along with other gases and safety products important to critical infrastructure and activities related to manufacturing, chemicals, safety, power, water treatment and food and pharmaceutical production.

Air Liquide and VitalAire as well as their subsidiaries across Canada activated our business continuity plans and have taken a series of measures and necessary precautions, such as implementing social distancing, hand washing and hygiene and disinfection to ensure safe operations for their employees, patients, customers and the community, and have also taken the necessary steps to provide their teams assigned to critical activities with appropriate personal protective equipment.

Please rest assured that we will continue to take all appropriate measures in order to ensure continuity of supply of our essential products and services to customers and patients, and that you will always remain at the heart of all our activities.

Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Best regards,

Bertrand Masselot
President and CEO, Canada
Air Liquide Healthcare