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COVID-19 - Letter to Customers

To All Stakeholders,
Within the scope of the Air Liquide Healthcare (VitalAire Canada Inc) COVID-19 Pandemic Risk Management Committee, we have put in place some internal and external precautionary measures. Among these measures, we would need your collaboration to ensure that you will:

  1. Share with us your facility pandemic risk management plan and related risk assessment. With these documents in hand, our staff will be able to follow your facility’s plan;
  2.  Advise us if specific training is available for your staff to manage the pandemic risks specific to your establishment ;
  3. Provide Air Liquide Healthcare (VitalAire Canada) personnel, whose activities within your facility you consider essential, the personal protective equipment adapted to this situation in order to guarantee their safety;
  4. Provide us with the name and contact information of a spokesperson who can act as a resource person, and inform us of any changes in risks within your facility.
  5. Please confirm that you have an equipment disinfection procedure and ensure that ourgas cylinders and/or equipment are disinfected before they are returned to us. For this purpose and as an example, please find below a list of compatible products:


  • Accel PREVention (wipes)
  • Preempt HLD 5 (liquid format)

Please return responses to all questions to us as soon as possible at the following email address: CA-BCP-INFO@AIRLIQUIDE.COM or call us at 1 866 629-0202.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Joseph Ayas
General Manager, medical gases
Air Liquide Healthcare (VitalAire Canada)