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Dewars from Chart industries, sold by Air Liquide Healthcare

Dewars & Dry Shippers

Liquid nitrogen storage and transport

Dry shippers are the safest way to transport cryo-preserved therapeutic products and research samples.

We offer a wide range of liquid nitrogen dewar sizes to meet all sample sizes and shipping durations. Coupled with innovative monitoring solutions, we help you create cryogenics transport systems that that ensure the quality of contents upon arrival.

We also offer dewar flasks  and accessories for the storage and handling of liquid nitrogen.

Air Liquide Healthcare designs and installs liquid nitrogen systems in compliance with local rules and regulations.

Air Liquide Healthcare service technicians are trained to provide installation and operational qualification, and on-going performance validation of the cryopreservation systems we sell.

Why choose us

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    Our focus is on safety, compliance and risk management

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    Customized portfolio

    We can tailor-make a solution to meet your facility's specific requirements

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    We're owned by Air Liquide Group, the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical & specialty gases, found on every continent