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Cylinder carts & storage

For safe cylinder mobility & support

Air Liquide Healthcare offers a vast portfolio of equipment and accessories for cylinder mobility, support, and storage. With over 100 years of proven experience providing medical gases and equipment to the Canadian market, our highly-qualified staff is here to help you find the best solutions to your needs.

Medical gas tanks require special care when being stored and transported around the facility. Air Liquide Healthcare works with leading manufacturers like Condor to offer safety and convenience through different cylinder carts, trolleys, and storage units.

Air Liquide Healthcare – for when you need reliable equipment and medical gas supplies

Mobile Carts

For Multiple cylinders: For gas cylinder carts, trolleys, hand trucks, and carriers for more than one cylinders we offer: 

  • Large cylinder carts - 24 to 36 gas cylinders
  • Medium cylinder carts - 6 or 12 gas cylinders
  • Small gas cylinder trolleys - 2 or 3 gas cylinders
  • Special carts - motorized, heavy duty, etc
  • Custom-made carts - unique solutions to your needs

Available in different materials, for lightweight or heavy duty designs.

For Single cylinders: When patients move within the hospital they require a gas cylinder hand truck for their oxygen tank. Air Liquide Healthcare offers lightweight single-cylinder trolleys and hand trucks for D or E sized oxygen cylinders.

Brackets & Supports

Floor stands & supports: Usually found in small surgery clinics like dental or veterinary, in patients' rooms, and other locations across the healthcare facility. These cylinder holders and stands can securely support between 1 to 4 cylinders standing upright securely. 

Mounted brackets & clamps: These units are often mounted to walls or other furniture such as patients' wheelchairs, beds, strollers, bedside tables, etc., to safely secure oxygen tanks for convenience and accessibility. 


Large metal cages for gas cylinder storage: Many hospitals require larger gas cylinder storage or onsite storage for other gases to meet their medical needs. Large cylinder storage structures offer safety, organization, and improved cylinder handling.

Storage units can also be locked up to support inventory control, and regulate the distribution and use of gas tanks across your facility.

Product advantages

  • Safety mechanisms to keep cylinders in place
  • Many sizes and forms available to meet your needs
  • Durable wheels for stability
  • Ergonomic handles to avoid straining

Why choose us

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    You can depend on us to provide you with the right equipment and services to meet your needs

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    We supply a complete range of medical gas equipment and services to suit your specific requirements

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    As the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, Air Liquide can be found on every continent in the world

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    We offer a Preventative Maintenance program for all medical gas equipment supplied by Air Liquide Healthcare including regulators, flow meters, wall outlets and gas manifolds

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    We will ensure that your equipment is set up and you and your team are aware how to use it.