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EOVE-150 Ventilator

New medical inspiration

With its light weight, portability design, and intuitive graphic user interface the EOVE-150 ventilator combines efficient therapy and ease of use for patients & clinicians.
EOVE-150 Brochure

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The EOVE-150 ventilator offers a wide range of configurations:

  • 4 presets
  • generic single and double branch circuits
  • wide range of ventilation modes, including mouthpiece
  • integral high flow oxygen therapy C-Flow mode

Based on an innovative blower design with fast response time down to 80ms, the EOVE-150 ventilator offers best in class ventilation features for pediatric and adult patients with smart sensitive triggers and a wide range of tidal volume from 30 to 2500ml.

Intuitive graphic user interface and ease of use

  • 7" colour touch screen
  • Intuitive and responsive settings based on patient profile, his interface and circuit configuration
  • 4 user created preset programs
  • Ventilation modes according to the pathological profile of the patient and the treatment needed
  • Program accessible from the patient screen

Freedom and mobility

The EOVE Click & Go Concept based on swappable EO-Vent Module offers a wide variety of mobility solutions.

  • 1.8 kg
  • 6 hours of built-in autonomy
  • Avoids the risk of disconnection
  • Without interruption of treatment

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    We are the only company involved from production to patient therapy, and know medical gases well

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    Ensuring the safety of your patients and staff is our top priority

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