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For your complete laboratory requirements, Air Liquide Healthcare provides a range of solutions like medical nitrogen gas and liquid nitrogen pipeline systems, specialty gas mixtures, dry shippers and dewars and more. We offer extensive support and staff training to help meet your facility's needs.

In the laboratory environments, achieving results requires accuracy and reliability. For research or diagnosis, Air Liquide Healthcare is a trusted partner in delivering reliable products and services to hundreds of research and laboratory facilities across the country.

Our solution includes:

  • Equipment setup & maintenance
  • Medical & specialty gases like liquid nitrogen, nitrogen gas, and other calibration gas mixes
  • Gas piping systems
  • Ongoing servicing

We operate in full accordance with CSA, NQ, and TSSA standards, and our national team is educated on all relevant ISO and NFPA standards as well as specific provincial building codes.

Our service technicians are also trained to provide installation and operational qualification, and on-going performance validation of our cryopreservation systems.