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Local family doctor serving patients in her community

For Local Clinics

Turnkey medical gas solutions

We are a trusted partner to healthcare professionals and local medical clinics in Canada, providing expertise in medical gases and related equipment.

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we support local professionals caring for patients and animals in their wider communities.

Our products and services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of healthcare practices of all sizes. Whether you are a dentist or veterinarian looking for nitrous oxide and medical gas pipeline, require liquid nitrogen for an in vitro fertilization clinic, or need an EMS medical ventilator or other ambulance equipment — we can help.


Air Liquide Healthcare provides oxygen gas, dental nitrous oxide and other turnkey medical gas solutions

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We bring a complete range of solutions to doctors and medical practices, from advice, equipment and medical gases supply to training.

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Hyperbaric Chambers

We have the experience and the equipment to provide reliable sources of medical oxygen and medical air at your facility.

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In-Vitro Fertilization

We are leaders in the fields of cryopreservation and in healthcare laboratory environments

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Labs & Research Facilities

We have a complete range of solutions designed for labs & research facilities, from gases to equipment and staff training

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Surgical Clinics

When it comes to surgical care in your community, Air Liquide Healthcare is your partner in patient care

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Long Term Care Facilities

Air Liquide Healthcare can provide residence facilities with medical oxygen, equipment, staff training and other turnkey solutions

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Air Liquide Healthcare offers nitrous oxide and oxygen gases, as well as other solutions for the challenges veterinarians face every day.

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