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Air Liquide Healthcare's Module Vide backup vacuum

ModuleVide: vacuum emergency backup

For vacuum reliability

ModuleVide is Air Liquide Healthcare’s unique critical zone emergency backup solution for centrally piped medical vacuum.

In partnership with Busch Vacuum Technics, the experts in vacuum technology worldwide, Air Liquide Healthcare is proud to offer a reliable and patient safety- focused solution for critical care backup medical vacuum.

Air Liquide Healthcare and Busch have designed this safe, simple critical care medical vacuum offer using Busch’s quiet, compact MV series vacuum pumps fitted with DC motors and integral variable frequency drives.

ModuleVide can be installed in small spaces adjacent to the critical care environments, to provide backup medical vacuum should the main medical vacuum source be lost.


  • Small/compact, quiet and light medical vacuum pumps
  • Pump driven directly by synchronous DC motor
  • Integral VFD
  • Pump capable of receiving external control commands via digital or analog inputs
  • Ideal to backfeed the zone

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