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Diamond Care Medical Gas Outlets from Beacon Medaes


Medical gas outlets and or terminal units

We supply BeaconMedaes outlets; the industry standard for medical gas outlets.

Air Liquide Healthcare proudly represents BeaconMedaes medical gas pipeline products.

We offer a full range of medical gas outlets (terminal units):

  • Wall outlets
  • Console outlets
  • Boom outlets

Different fittings are available like a DISS, Chemetron, Diamond , Puritan Bennett.

Air Liquide Healthcare is an expert in advising and constructing medical gas pipeline systems and sources of supply. Our staff knows medical gas products, and can help you define the needs of your facility.


  • Latch valve design for service longevity
  • DISS or quick connect profiles

Why choose us

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    You can rely on us to provide you with a compliant system in line with Canadian Standards

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    Local Support

    Offering products & services in all Canadian provinces