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Air Liquide Healthcare manifolds of 15 oxygen tanks at a healthcare facility

Gas Manifolds

Medical gas manifolds for primary & reserve sources of supply

Air Liquide Healthcare offers the most advanced gas manifold design and equipment, made by North America’s industry leader BeaconMedaes.

Whether you require a new or replacement medical oxygen  manifold, CO2 manifold, or any other gas - our highly skilled team of medical gas piping technicians have the installation and service expertise.

We represent Lifeline manifolds from BeaconMedaes with:

  • The fewest threaded fittings in the industry. This equates to leak free safety.
  • CRN listed & CSA approved
  • Cleaned for oxygen service and securely packaged to prevent contamination through regular job-site handling
  • CSA Z7396.1 compliant design
  • Total alert embedded connectivity

Gas manifolds are essential for medical gas pipeline systems, either as backup in large facilities or as main sources of gas supply in smaller ones.

How to connect a cylinder to a manifold

Why choose us

  • 01


    Ensuring the safety of your patients and staff is our top priority

  • 02

    Full-scope medical gases provider

    We are the only company involved from production to patient therapy, and know medical gases well

  • 03

    Technical expertise

    Our Preventive Maintenance program ensures the ongoing safety and reliability of your medical gas pipeline systems

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