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Air Liquide Healthcare's aeralin quality control service

aerALin™: On-site Medical Air Quality Control

Parametric batch release quality control

aerALin™ is Air Liquide Healthcare's exclusive parametric batch release quality control system - the first of its kind in Canada. It is designed to provide thorough quality control for on-site production of medical gases, including medical air USP, oxygen 93 percent USP, or nitrogen NF.

With aerALin™, you are ensuring your facility introduces into its medical gas pipeline only quality controlled medical air identified by batch numbers, and tested within the scope of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Medical air & aerALin™

Medical air USP is treated as a drug, and whether you supply it from an on-site source or from factory validated reserve high-pressure cylinders, your patients' welfare depends on its quality.

For medical air, aerALin™ regulates against breaches in:

  • Humidity
  • Oxygen content by volume
  • Nitrogen dioxide ppm
  • Nitric oxide ppm
  • Carbon dioxide ppm
  • Carbon monoxide ppm
  • & Sulphur dioxide ppm

Prioritizing patient safety

Medical Air USP is a critical respiratory adjunct to numerous respiratory therapies. 

It is often used in:

  • Mechanical ventilation: as a carrier gas supplying respirators in respiratory assistance in anaesthesia, resuscitation, ventilation and solette environmental control
  • Nebulisation: in aerosol treatments,  as a gas vector for the inhaled drugs when oxygen supplementation is not required
  • Hyperbaric chambers

Sensitive patients such as neonates or those suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome have delicate respiratory systems and can be susceptible to oxygen toxicity. They often require a reliably precise concentration of medical air to control their oxygen exposure and breathe properly.

Air Liquide Healthcare developed aerALin™'s precise quality control to help hospitals validate the medical air in their medical gas piping systems to the same high standards applied at medical cylinder fill plants.

Contact us today to find out more about aerALin™, arrange for a medical air usage and compliance audit, or request quality risk assessment at your facility.


  • Promotes patient welfare through safe & regulated medical air
  • Recognize breaches in medical air quality through continuous monitoring Available for purchase, rent-to-own, or on a monthly facility fee basis
  • Made in Canada
  • Supported by our national service network

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