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Air Liquide Healthcare Medical Vacuum Systems

Medical Vacuum Pumps

Industry leading medical Vacuum systems from Busch Vacuum Technics

Air Liquide Healthcare works exclusively with Busch Vacuum Technics, the top supplier of medical vacuum pump systems in North America.

Built in Canada, our medical vacuum systems incorporate state of the art controls and industry leading pumps, supported by our national technical service team.

Our medical vacuum pipeline systems are made to last, reliably, so your staff can focus on caring for their patients.

We work with your consultants to meet all your facility’s needs with the highest degree of quality, safety, and efficiency. Whenever necessary, we will become involved with the design of the project as well.

We also supply all related equipment such as:

  • Canisters
  • Vacuum regulators
  • Outlets
  • Pipeline


  • Made in Canada
  • Available for purchase, rent-to-own, or on a monthly facility fee basis
  • Supported by our national service network

Why choose us

  • 01


    We've served healthcare professionals for over a decade, developing solutions based on your evolving medical needs

  • 02

    Accreditation and regulation

    We help you ensure your facility's medical equipment is serviced and fully compliant with Canadian standards

  • 03


    Our focus is on safety, compliance and risk management

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