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Preventive Maintenance

Tailored services for medical gas source, pipeline & dispensing equipment

Air Liquide Healthcare offers preventive and corrective maintenance of your medical gas dispensing equipment. Our highly-qualified team is ready to help you optimise and maintain your equipment, ensuring you are fully compliant with the CSA Standards.
Air Liquide Healthcare's service team
Air Liquide Healthcare's service team

Our prevention program

Our Direct Maintenance program is the solution to your needs:

  • Simple and convenient: Preventive maintenance and servicing procedures are performed at your facility according to the equipment manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Accurate and methodical:  Highly qualified technicians conduct systematic and comprehensive inspections of the equipment to ensure a consistent quality of service.
  • Customised and cost-effective: Service contracts include diagnostics of faulty equipment, and we have a fleet of rental pumps available for planned shutdowns and emergent need.

Risk Management

Our operations follow strict regulations both at our own industrial and administrative sites, and at our customers' healthcare facilities.

Our team of advisors are prepared to advise our customers on understanding the risks inherent to their activities — which can impact their patients, staff and equipment — and help devise and implement solutions to mitigate these risks.

Air Liquide Healthcare is focused on driving innovation in safety and quality control

Air Liquide Healthcare was responsible for inventing aerALin™ a system of quality control around medical air produced on-site in hospitals to ensure patients continuously receive medical air that meets the specification.

Air Liquide Healthcare also offers the Total Gas Management program, which reduces the risk of staff injury and cylinder shortages within hospitals with our own technician working at the facility and handling the cylinder logistics.

Why choose us

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    Accreditation and regulation

    We help you ensure your facility's medical equipment is serviced and fully compliant with Canadian standards

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    We design our products to ensure safety, quality and regulatory compliance for patients, users and employees

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    Coast-to-coast service network

    Our technicians service medical equipment country-wide, with a 24/7 hotline support