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Air Liquide Healthcare installation services

Installation Services

For your medical gas piping systems

With over 100 years of experience providing medical gas pipeline services at hospitals and medical facilities across Canada, our teams are ready to help specify, install, test and commision your medical gas piping system and ensure you are fully compliant with CSA, NQ, TSSA, and other relevant standards.

Air Liquide Healthcare operates Canada’s largest network of medical gas installation services, dedicated to pipeline and medical gas installation.

Where accuracy is essential, we are committed to mitigating risk, maximizing safety, ensuring continuity of supply, and providing ongoing servicing and training for qualified operators.

We deliver a cost-effective solution while planning your medical gas system for your current consumption and future needs.

Your medical gas pipeline installation team

Our experienced fitters ensure that the medical gas piping systems are correctly installed, performing validations and preventative/curative services to ensure the pipeline system's reliability and safety.

We make the gaseous drugs, offer the cutting-edge technology you need, and serve patients and caregivers at the dispensing end of the pipeline. So who better to trust with the network itself?

Our offer includes:

  • Commissioning of new or renovated systems
  • Turnkey supply and installation
  • Updating of gas pipeline systems
  • Installation services
  • Evaluation of existing pipeline systems for compliance to relevant standards

Bulk installation

We offer a full range of stationary bulk supply systems for medical grades of oxygen gas, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Supported by a national network of qualified technicians and dedicated bulk engineers, we are able to help provide you with the right advice for the best-sized vessel to meet your needs and application requirements.

Why choose us

  • 01

    Full-scope medical gases provider

    We are the only company involved from production to patient therapy, and know medical gases well

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    You can rely on us to provide you with a compliant system in line with Canadian Standards

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    Customizable portfolio

    We can tailor-make a solution to meet your facility's specific requirements

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    Ensuring the safety of your patients and staff is our top priority