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Total Gas Management

Onsite gas cylinder management for your facility

Total Gas Management (TGM) is a customized program that embeds an Air Liquide Healthcare technician at your facility to work closely with your medical and engineering teams, managing cylinders and providing quality control.

With the Total Gas Management program (TGM), our technician assists you in all areas of your business and assumes supply chain responsibilities at your facility — so your medical gas cylinder needs are met always, anytime and anywhere on-site.

Total Gas Management streamlines and optimizes all medical gas requirements at your medical facility.

To help:

  • Improve safety through responsible gas cylinder management
  • Assist with product ordering & document management 
  • Resolve logistical problems resulting from on-site gas cylinder circulation,
  • Perform gas cylinder asset control & monthly billing
  • Safely deliver gas cylinders to points of use across your facility
  • Provide quality control on medical air produced onsite, using our unique aerALin™ service

Program overview

The Total Gas Management program is specially designed to provide a reliable and in-depth supply chain solution at your facility:

Better safety & risk management:

  • Proper cylinder handling and storage
  • Safe cylinder changing on central pipeline manifolds
  • Emergency cylinder needs that are met right away
  • Monthly site safety reports that increase staff & patient awareness and protection
  • aerALin™ quality control to help ensure patient safety through monitoring medical air created onsite

Cost effectiveness:

  • Detailed consumption reports by department let you allocate costs and plan inventory

Staff has more time to focus on their patients:

  • Expert task management removes clinical, materials management, administrative, engineering, and porter overhead tasks which occupy staff's time, so they can focus on their primary responsibilities
  • Our reliable cylinder supply reduces interruption in patient care

Worry-free cylinder ordering:

  • Order collection from your facility's different departments
  • Pre-scheduled deliveries from the local Air Liquide Healthcare plant
  • Smooth continuity of supply chain even in periods of high demand

Cylinder & inventory management:

  • Management of available cylinders at points of use and pick-up of empties
  • Optimized inventories to reduce product demurrage and delivery costs
  • No more empty or incorrect gas cylinders delivered to the point of use

Why choose us

  • 01


    Safety, compliance and risk management in the handling and storage of cylinders 

  • 02

    Cost efficiency

    Cylinder usage report and inventory levels managed to optimal levels

  • 03

    Patient care

    Expert task management increases staff productivity and focus on patients