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Intelli-ox integrated medical oxygen cylinder by Air Liquide Healthcare

Intelli-OX™ Digital Oxygen Cylinder

Portable, Digital, Intelligent O2 Cylinder

Intelli-OX™ is Air Liquide Healthcare's most innovative portable O2 delivery system – with a digital gauge you can trust to show you the time of use remaining.

Intelli-OX™ is the first cylinder to be introduced in the North American market with a digital gauge that displays the time-remaining of oxygen flow. A ready-to-use medical oxygen aluminium cylinder, it has a built-in pressure regulator, an ergonomic cap, flow meter and a digital contents gauge.

Closeup of our exclusive Intelli-ox integrated cylinder gauge
Closeup of the Intelli-OX gauge


The ergonomic design and new functionalities provide superior benefits:

  • Greater patient safety.
  • Improved ease-of-use with an ergonomic grip
  • Faster oxygen set up
  • Digital time-remaining gauge
  • Allows you to use the full O2 contents in the cylinder
  • Offers patient stability where there is no centrally piped supply.
Air Liquide Healthcare’s Integrated cylinders – the innovative and economic option.
Intelli-ox brochure

Intelli-OX™ - brochure

PDF - 2.44 MB


  • Portability and easy transport
  • Accuracy of contents enabled by the digital gauge
  • Convenient intuitive design

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