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Air Liquide Healthcare's Medical Air Cylinder

Medical Air

A critical respiratory adjunct

Medical Air USP is essential for patient therapy at most healthcare facilities. We offer commercially produced Medical Air USP and specialize in providing safe, reliable, and cost-effective on-site production systems designed to ensure therapeutic quality.


Medical Air USP is a critical respiratory adjunct to numerous respiratory therapies. Applications include:

  • Mechanical ventilation: medical air may be used as a carrier gas to supply respirators in respiratory assistance in anaesthesia, resuscitation, ventilation and isolette environmental control
  • Nebulisation: in aerosol treatments, medical air may be used as a gas vector for the inhaled drugs when oxygen supplementation is not required
  • Hyperbaric chambers

Patients such as neonates and people suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome have delicate respiratory systems sensitive to oxygen toxicity. They often require a precise and reliable concentration of Medical Air USP to control their oxygen exposure and breathe properly.

In order to ensure superior quality, we make our own high-grade Medical Air USP from 21% Oxygen USP and 79% Nitrogen NF.


Why Quality & Reliability are Vital

Read what happens when Medical Air produced onsite becomes compromised

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Quality Control

Most Medical Air USP dispensed through a facility's central pipeline system is made onsite with compressor systems.

To help ensure your patients are administered precise Medical Air USP, we developed aerALin™  our parametric batch release quality control system. It validates your Medical Air USP to meet good manufacturing practices and reflect the production quality control experience from our plants.

Ordering Information

You can order from us medical air USP (DIN 02238755) in a variety of cylinder sizes to meet the needs of your facility.

Ordering # Cylinder size Content Pressure at 21°C  (P.S.I.) CGA Connection Height Outside Diameter Weight
CAM3AL 3 (D) 0.42m3 2015 950 50.8 cm 10.8 cm 2.4 kg
CAM5AL 5 (E) 0.69m3 2015 950 73.7 cm 10.8 cm 3.6 kg
CAM22 22 (M) 3.3m3 2217 346 124.5 cm 17.8 cm 29.5 kg
CAM44 44 (K) 6.5m3 2217 346 142.2 cm 22.9 cm 56.7 kg

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