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Air Liquide Healthcare's Nitrogen Cylinder


Cryobiology & dermatology

Air Liquide Healthcare is a supplier of medical-grade liquid nitrogen and medical-grade gaseous nitrogen. We bring over 100 years of proven experience to meet your medical gas needs.

Nitrogen is mainly found in the atmosphere where it accounts for about 78% of the air we breathe. Nitrogen gas is neutral and colourless, and does not sustain life.


Nitrogen gas is used

  • As a drive for medical tools and equipment
  • As a zero and balance gas for analysis in breathable gas mixtures


Liquid nitrogen is also essential for cryobiology - the preservation of biological substances.

At extremely low temperature (-196°C) liquid nitrogen is used to preserve blood, sperm, embryos, bone marrow and other biological samples without diminishing their intrinsic qualities. In Dermatology nitrogen is used for cryosurgery and cryotherapy, enabling the treatment of cutaneous micro-trauma.

Ordering Information

You can order from us Nitrogen NF (liquid DIN 02297248, gas DIN 02248173) in a variety of cylinder sizes

Ordering Number Cylinder Size Net Content Pressure (P.S.I.) 21°C CGA Connection Height O.D. Weight
NIM3 3 (I) 0.4 m3 2015 960 50.8 cm 10.2 cm 3.6 kg
NIM5 5 (E) 0.6 m3 2015 960 73.7 cm 10.2 cm 6.4 kg
NIM22 22 (M) 3.2 m3 2217 580 124.5 cm 17.8 cm 29.5 kg
NIM44 44 (K) 6.3 m3 2217 580 142.2 cm 22.9 cm 56.7 kg


Why Choose Us

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    Our emphasis is on safety, compliance and risk management

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    We've been a dependable global supplier of medical gases & equipment for over 100 years

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    Local Support

    Offering products & services in all Canadian provinces

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    Support for your team

    We offer our clients the highest level of clinical support, 24/7.