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Air Liquide Healthcare's Nitrous Oxide Cylinder

Nitrous Oxide

For hospitals, dental and healthcare facilities

Air Liquide Healthcare is a leading supplier of medical nitrous oxide USP gas for dental, anaesthetic, and other applications.


Medical nitrous oxide is used in adults and children for:


  • General anaesthesia – usually as an adjuvant to other volatile or intravenous anaesthetics
  • Pain relief – employed with oxygen for analgesia in moderately painful procedures, such as dentistry, obstetrics, and fractures
  • Conscious sedation


Nitrous oxide is sometimes used as an adjuvant of balanced anesthesia for surgical interventions, enabling reduced doses of other drugs and facilitating their post-operatory elimination.

Ordering Information

You can order from us medical nitrous oxide (DIN #00572845) in a variety of sizes, to meet your healthcare objectives.

Ordering # Cylinder Size Net Content Pressure at 21°C  (P.S.I.) CGA Connection Height Outside Diameter Weight
N2O3 3 1.9 kg 745 910 50.8 cm 10.2 cm 3.6 kg
N2O5 5 3.2 kg 745 910 73.7 cm 10.2 cm 6.4 kg
N2O22 22 14.7 kg 745 326 124.5 cm 17.8 cm 29.5 kg
N2O44 44 29.3 kg 745 326 142.2 cm 22.9 cm 56.7 kg

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    We've been a dependable global supplier of medical gases & equipment for over 100 years

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    We are owned by Air Liquide Group, the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical & specialty gases, found on every continent in the world