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Specialty Gas Mixtures

Meeting the most demanding medical applications

Air Liquide Healthcare is a leading supplier of specialty gases – pure and simple. Our gases are analyzed and verified with rigorous laboratory tests, and available in refillable or non-refillable gas cylinders.

Each mix is guaranteed to provide the purity required for the most demanding applications.

We offer

  • Anesthesia Calibration Products
  • Pulmonary Function Products
  • Blood Gas Calibration Products
  • Respiratory Calibration Products
  • Environmental Calibration & Biological Incubation Diagnostic Support Calibration Products
  • And other custom mixtures made to meet your objectives

We take every precaution to ensure our cylinders' top quality from careful cylinder preparation and efficient filling processes to rigorous quality control.

Our team of experts analyze each of our products, so that whatever special gas needs you have, you can rely on our innovative application of gas technology.

Why choose us

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    Our focus is on safety, compliance and risk management

  • 02

    Local Support

    Offering products & services in all Canadian provinces

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    Customized portfolio

    We can tailor-make a solution to meet your facility's specific requirements

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    We're owned by Air Liquide Group, the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical & specialty gases, found on every continent