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O2 KIT - Emergency Oxygen Kit

O2 KIT - Emergency Oxygen Kit

Easy-to-use solution for a quick emergency response

O2 KIT is a compact resuscitation kit specifically designed to provide a quick emergency response in an easy-to-use package that meets the latest requirements set by dental associations across Canada.

Convenient all-in-one package

O2 KIT is a convenient all-in-one package with a simple all-inclusive pricing offer. Featuring an EZ-OX Plus™ delivery system made of an integrated pressure regulator, flowmeter and oxygen cylinder - O2 KIT is highly portable and eliminates the need for bulky regulators and carts with its intuitive, easy-to-use emergency response design, offering a safe, reliable and simple emergency oxygen solution.

O2 KIT - Portable Emergency Oxygen Solution

Key Features

Cost effective - All-in-one package eliminates the need to purchase a regulator, flowmeter, crash cart and individual masks.

Safe - Protective cap over regulator and flowmeter with ergonomic handle provides higher unit safety and reliability.

Efficient - Quick patient set-up time and simple training increases efficiency and can be used by nearly all personnel.

Convenient - Easy to carry, the strap-on storage bag for clinical masks can be easily reached in an emergency situation.

Reliable - Simplifies caregiving by showing the pressure remaining information to avoid running out of portable oxygen.

O2 KIT - Emergency Oxygen Kit

What's Included

  • Full EZ-OX Plus™ Size 5 (E) Oxygen Cylinder with Integrated Pressure Regulator and Flowmeter
  • Manual Resuscitation Bag Valve Mask (BVM)
  • Adult HC, Partial Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask
  • Pediatric HC, Partial Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Mask
  • Strap-on Storage Bag
  • Cylinder Shipping Box
  • Maintenance & Delivery
  • 1 Oxygen Refill per Year

Be ready

  • Resuscitation solution for dental clinics
  • Innovative, easy-to-use features
  • Meets the latest dental association requirements for portable on-site emergency oxygen

Why choose us

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    You can rely on us to provide equipment & services catered specifically to your facility's needs

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    Full-scope medical gases provider

    We are the only company involved from production to patient therapy, and know medical gases well

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    Customized portfolio

    We can tailor-make a solution to meet your specific requirements

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    We're owned by Air Liquide Group, the world's largest supplier of industrial, medical & specialty gases, found on every continent

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    Support for your team

    We offer our clients the highest level of clinical support, 24/7.

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    We design our products to ensure safety, quality and regulatory compliance for patients, users and employees

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