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Air Liquide Healthcare personal protective equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Your safety first

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we recognize that when you work with dangerous equipment, your personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential line of defense.

When used properly PPE protects you from cuts, cryogenic burns, projectile particles, noise, microorganisms, biological agents and more.

We can provide a versatile range of PPE products based on your activities.

These include:

  • Goggles: protect your eyes from hazards such as aerosols and liquids.
  • Gloves: nitrile, leather, cryogenic and welding gloves protect you against biological agents and while handling equipment
  • Ear plugs or muffs
  • Hard hats
  • Lab coat and aprons
  • Safety shoes or boots
  • N95 Mask: protects you from inhaling airborne particles such as aerosoles or chemical

Why choose us

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    We ensure safety, quality and regulatory compliance for product users and patients

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    Customized portfolio

    We can tailor-make a solution to meet your facility's specific requirements

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    Our focus is on safety, compliance and risk management