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Portable Suction - Ohio Medical & Amvex

Portable suction machines and related equipment for clinicians and homecare

Air Liquide Healthcare offers a wide range of products from Ohio Medical. They offer portable suction machines, suction regulators, hoses, and more to meet the specific needs of your facility. With units like Care-e-vac®, Tote-L-Vac®, and Moblvac®, they have the cost-effective suction machine that will meet your exact needs and resources.

Portable Suction

Care-e-vac® 3:

This high-vacuum, high-flow battery-powered suction unit is perfect for when wall suction is unavailable. It is especially effective in hospital code carts and patient transport as it's compact, lightweight, and durable. An optional floor stand and crash cart mount are available.


A battery powered high vacuum, high flow suction unit. The Tote-L-Vac is a dominant player among EMS teams because it provides high flow rates for emergency oral aspiration procedures. Its compact design and soft carrying case make it perfect for EMS, home health, hospital patient transport and where battery power is required.

Moblvac® III CS:

A high vacuum continuous suction unit. It produces constant suction with vacuum and flow comparable to standard wall suction. It can serve as a backup for wall suction and is ideal for scoping procedures. It is applicable for O.R., E.R., surgery centre, doctors' offices and gastrointestinal (G.I.) lab procedures. It contains a fan-cooled carbon rotary vane pump and optional dual-port assembly providing an insulated pump that's one of the quietest on the market today.

Ohio Medical Offers

  • Medical vacuum regulators (Amvex and PTS)
  • Flowmeters
  • Portable suction
  • Portable suction pumps
  • Integrated flowmeters
  • Rail systems
  • Oxygen analyzers
  • Medical suction regulators
  • and more