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Bulk Tanks

Onsite bulk gas supply for high-use facilities

If you need a large volume of medical gases or are looking to replace your cylinders, we can help you design, construct, and maintain an uninterrupted supply bulk medical gas.

Liquid nitrogen and oxygen are stored as cryogenic liquids, whereas nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are usually managed as refrigerated liquids.

We supply many gases in cryogenic form to achieve economy of scale pricing  — so more product can be transported to you and stored onsite. A bulk liquid nitrogen storage tank is a cryogenic vessel used to maintain the product in its liquid state for as long as possible.

To construct the pipeline network connecting your bulk tank with the rest of your facility, we work with the best medical gas pipeline system manufacturers in North America and ensure the equipment is sized and installed correctly.

We will help your facility plan and construct its bulk gas pad, and offer the relevant equipment and technical service to ensure a safe and efficient installation.

Our bulk systems

Bulk liquid nitrogen

Our customers use liquid nitrogen in two ways:

  • As a gas for pneumatic tools in operating rooms
  • As a liquid for cryobiology applications

We will supply and help install a liquid nitrogen storage tank at your facility, so you can trust a reliable flow of liquid nitrogen whenever you need it.

Bulk liquid oxygen

Oxygen stored in a liquid storage tank (cryogenic vessel) must be turned into gas before it can be given to patients.

A vaporizer helps transform the liquid into gas through heat exchange. A commonly used vaporizer is an ambient finned tube design, where the fins transfer heat from warm ambient air to the cryogenic liquid flowing in the tube. The heat transfer converts the liquid into a gas.

Bulk nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide bulk systems typically include a reserve supply and dual line controls located inside the facility, as well as a control panel that regulates pressure.

We will help you ensure that the bulk system is safe and that the incoming pressure from the bulk tank (supply source) is reduced to the customer’s houseline requirements.

02 IN DEMAND - Resilient bulk oxygen supply systems for healthcare facilities article (pdf)

Why choose us

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    Ensuring the safety of your patients and staff is our top priority

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    Local Support

    Offering products & services in all Canadian provinces

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    Full-scope medical gases provider

    We are the only company involved from production to patient therapy, and know medical gases well

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    Coast-to-coast service network

    Our fill plants are widespread to shorten response-time and ensure supply chain reliability around the country