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Hospital Wall suction device

Hospital Wall Suction

High-grade suction regulators & venturi outlets

Air Liquide Healthcare works with leading suppliers to provide reliable suction regulators, vacuum regulators, and other suction accessories to your facility.

We offer Ohio and Amvex suction regulators from a comprehensive lineup, to suit all bedside suction protocols from neonatal to thoracic, mild drainage and surgical.

Medical suction is an essential service which must be backed up. With Ohio’s venturi backpack you can safely and effectively create suction from a pressure gas source such as medical air or oxygen.

Our team of experts can supply all your facility’s needs - we are only a phone call away.


  • Available with DISS or quick connect wall outlet adaptors
  • Push-to-set auto occlusion to ensure safe suction setting

Why choose us

  • 01

    Patient care

    Expert task management increases staff productivity and focus on patients

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    We've served healthcare professionals for over a decade, and continue to develop solutions based on your evolving medical needs

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    Support for your team

    We offer our clients the highest level of clinical support, 24/7

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