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Clario pump by Medela for airway suction and oxygen therapy

Medela Suction Machines

High vacuum devices with variable flow options

Air Liquide Healthcare offers a range of professional delivery systems by Medela for use in hospital and homecare applications, including the removal of secretions from patients' airway to vacuum assisted delivery.

Medela's surgical and portable suction machines provide rapid vacuum build-up and low noise operation, and a clever, user-friendly modality for easy operation.

Airway portable suction

Medela's Airway suction machines are portable for unrestricted mobility of patients. These portable suction machines remove secretions from the respiratory tract during standard caregiving and minor surgeries.

It provides a rapid vacuum build-up, reliability throughout the use of the pump and low noise during operation.

We offer Medela’s airway suction pumps and related accessories for reliable airway clearance applications at for hospitals, clinics and medical practices:

  • Medela’s Vario 18 – an efficient medical suction pump for hospitals, clinics and home care. It provides quiet, versatile, and reliable performance. It provides portable medical suctioning for hospitals, clinics and home care.
  • Medela’s Clario – this airway medical suction pump provides easy-to-use, highly mobile suction for home healthcare teams and patients in who require airway suction. Its versatile modular and lightweight design is hygienic and easy to handle.
medela's Dominant Flex Suction Pump
Medela's Dominant Flex Suction Pump

Surgical suction pumps

Medela’s medical suction pumps are designed for use during and after surgery to remove tissue (even bones), surgical fluids, bodily fluids, and gases.

Medela’s excellent vacuum technology offers reliable suction power build-up and easy handling, both of which are important aspects for daily hospital use.

We offer Medela’s surgical medical suction pumps and related accessories for reliable vacuum for hospitals, clinics and medical practices:

  • Medela’s Basic Surgical Suction Pump – a medical suction pump offering new standards of hygiene, ease of use and low noise levels for surgeries like endoscopy, vacuum assisted C-sections, wound drainage, and more. Swiss precision and quality parts make the Basic a reliable device for all suctioning needs.
  • Medela’s Dominant Flex Surgical Suction Pump – Medela's latest innovation in high-vacuum medical suction. Its one-touch adaptable flow rates support a wider variety of procedures to be carried out with just one pump. It is perfect for surgical suction, or as a backup to wall suction for various applications in surgical rooms at hospitals, outpatient surgery centres, clinics and doctors’ offices. The Dominant Flex surgical suction machine is the optimal medical suction pump for all suctioning needs.

Vacuum Assisted Delivery System

As an alternative to forceps delivery or caesarean section, vacuum extraction to deliver a baby using a vacuum device provides a safe and efficient option to obstetricians.

Medela offers a vacuum assisted delivery (VAD) solution with active vacuum and a large choice of suction cups, including reusable und single use suction cups.


  • Built to high swiss standards
  • Highly reliable devices
  • Convenient accessories allow customization and healthcare comfort