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The Monnal T60 medical ventilator

Monnal T60 Medical Ventilator

Mobile Medical Ventilator Interventions

The Monnal T60 has quickly become Canada’s leading transport, ER and recovery bedside medical ventilator. Its highly customizable and effective respiratory support features make it the perfect compliment to advanced life support protocols.
CPV Brochure

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The Monnal T60 is an intelligently designed emergency medical ventilator adaptive to all respiratory environments, with a unique Cardio Pulmonary Ventilation (CPV) feature.

Created by France’s Air Liquide Medical Systems – world expert and innovator in the field of medical products – it is specifically designed to provide:

  • An automatic feature that's activated by simply adjusting the weight (IBW) for quick and safe starting of the medical ventilation
  • Peak flow of 230 l/min for effective respiratory assistance in NIV
  • Capacity to treat critical patients, from newborns to adults
  • Screen readability in all conditions
  • Hot swappable capacity, allowing continuous ventilation even when switching batteries
  • Bright and visible colour illuminations for heightened alert visibility


CPv Tutorial

Designed for mobility

The Monnal T60 medical ventilator is specifically designed for intensive care transport within and outside of hospitals, as well as in air transit:

  • Autonomous in air and electricity
  • Adaptable, convenient fastening and transport systems: special carry bag, and a wall-mounted charging station for ambulances (10 G), support hooking to patient’s bed
  • Optional support hooks that can hang on a bedside or other structures, for added convenience

Intuitive Interface

  • Single page
  • Full touch-screen
  • Simple to navigate

Effective in air transport      

  • Approved for air transport: standards EN 13718 and RTCA DO-160F 20 G resistance
  • Automatic compensation of changes in atmospheric pressure
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Highly visible alarms

Related Software

Highly-sophisticated software can be added to the Monnal T60 medical ventilator to customize its applications:

  • CPV software - monitors CPR chest compressions while administering forced breathing and monitoring chest compressions in real time
  • PS-PRO software - enables the monnal to self adjust according to shifts in the patient breathing, without needing an RT in the room

We offer training on all our equipment and software. Contact us to find out more.

  • Tested and certified for air and ground transportation
  • 5-hours autonomy with hot-swappable battery
  • Large monitoring zone
  • Ergonomic setting wheel for quick use
  • Light and compact at 3.7 kg

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