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Air Liquide Healthcare lab safety

Lab Safety

For when gases require special safety precautions

Our service technicians are trained to provide installation, operational qualification and ongoing performance validation of the cryopreservation systems we sell.

Liquid Nitrogen Lab Safety

Gaseous nitrogen can be lethal in concentrations beyond 79%, all the more because it is invisible, tasteless, and has no discernable smell. Our first priority is the safety of our customers and employees working in labs with liquid nitrogen storage systems.

We offer lab safety assessments to ensure your teams have a safe work environment.

There are situations where a combination of factors may lead to a dangerous atmosphere, including:

  • In an oxygen-deficient, nitrogen-rich atmosphere there is the risk of anoxia.
  • In an oxygen-enriched atmosphere there is the risk of fire.
  • In a flammable atmosphere there is the risk of fire and explosion.
  • In a toxic atmosphere there is the risk of being poisoned.

Anoxia prevention

Risk assessment is required to ensure your work environment is safe and compliant with Canadian regulations.

Within our facilities or at customer premises, areas and tasks requiring the use of a gas detector must be clearly defined and identified. The user of a gas detector must be trained prior to its use in potentially dangerous environments.