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Safe cylinder Handling

Your safety is important to us

Safety is the first priority at Air Liquide Healthcare. We take your safety and that of our employees very seriously.

Before using each cylinder, be sure you check the gas type and ensure that the seal is intact and that no gas is leaking from the valve.

Using your cylinders safely

While handling cylinders

  • No smoking or naked flame near a cylinder usage or storage area.
  • Never use oil, grease based products on the cylinder or any accessories.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (glasses, boots, gloves), particular for large cylinders.
  • Always have the SDS on hand for reference and follow recommended handling instructions.

During cylinder transportation

  • Detach regulators and other accessories from the cylinder
  • Secure cylinders against movement
  • Use open or well ventilated vehicles or trailers in preference to enclosed ones. Limit the number of cylinders to be transported

Storing your cylinders

  • Always display a “NO SMOKING OR OPEN FLAMES” sign
  • Storage areas should be kept 3m from heat sources or combustible materials
  • Store cylinders away from oils or grease
  • Never store flammable gas near oxidising gases
  • Never store objects on top of the cylinder
  • Always rotate cylinders - first come, first used
  • Store gases in well ventilated areas
  • If something is wrong with a cylinder
    • Label as “suspect”
    • Put in quarantine
    • Notify ALH immediately
Cylinder safety

Cylinder safety basics

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