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Beacon Medaes 3 Zone Valve Box


Gas valves for your medical gas pipeline systems

Our focus on patient safety and our expertise in medical gas pipeline systems ensure we can help you find the right equipment for your medical gas pipeline and source of supply requirements.

Gas shut off valves are used to shut off supply in a zone or pipeline distribution system.

We have a range of gas valves that our highly trained staff can propose depending on your needs:

  • Zone valve boxes (gas shut-off valve for a zone)
  • Butterfly valves
  • Dual port isolation valves
  • Lockable valve boxes


  • CRN approved
  • Oxygen cleaned & pressure tested

Why choose us

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    We ensure safety, quality and regulatory compliance for product users and patients

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    We've served healthcare professionals for over a decade, developing solutions based on your evolving medical needs

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    Accreditation and regulation

    We help you ensure your facility's medical equipment is serviced and fully compliant with Canadian standards