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Mobilized during the COVID-19 health crisis

From the very beginning of what has become a global health crisis, Air Liquide Healthcare prepared, mobilized  and implemented the necessary measures recommended by the health authorities in order to provide sustained care to our patients and uninterrupted service to our clients.

We enacted our pre-existing business continuity and pandemic plans, quickly transitioned to  remote working for non-critical teams, provided sustained follow-up to our patients through our ‘‘Virtual Care’’ program, and installed oxygen delivery systems in record time to respond to the government need for temporary and mobile hospitals.
Our teams quickly organized to meet the fast-increasing demand for medical oxygen from hospitals. Within weeks, this mobilization became essential to helping healthcare workers save lives.

Disinfection measures onsite are maintained at high standards and our teams work diligently to closely monitor your needs and increase deliveries to our customers, when necessary. 

All our employees working with hospitals and patients at home apply strict protection measures and prioritize critical maintenance and visits to patients, in order to ensure the supply of medical gases, oxygen therapy and ventilation devices, in coordination with healthcare professionals and authorities. 

Over the past year, we have adapted, overcome challenges, responded to emergencies and, most importantly, provided healthcare professionals and patients with the best support, while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Alongside healthcare professionals, Air Liquide Healthcare in Canada is committed more than ever to be a key innovative player, providing sustainable care and support  to patients, clients and collaborators. 

Chris Mendonça
Vice President, Healthcare